14. How Much Are You $aving? #1

TLDL?: I have saved $770USD/£550 since November 2018.

Show Notes

In this episode I’m going to talk a little bit about how important it is to keep a record of your progress, write everything you do down, even if it’s on toilet paper! Write it down! I also talk about the savings I've made with regard to doing "zerowaste" and what I've done with that money since November.

References are also made to previous episodes, if this is your first episode, try to download them from the beginning to get on track with zero waste. Just because they are old, doesn’t mean they are not useful!

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13. Tu Es Einfach (TEE) #2

TLDL?: Hong Kong and I, are making various kinds of progress.

Show Notes

In this episode I share some of the progress I’ve made alongside some of Hong Kong’s.  I talk about my ability to compost, an update from the humble sponge episode, my local zerowaste store has expanded and what this means, why I won’t be suggesting patreon on this podcast, and I’m going to talk about using seawater for toilet flushing, 

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Research of different types of flush water

Should we use ocean water to flush toilets to save fresh water

Seawater toilets help flush away water shortages

Qingdao to Flush Toilets with Seawater

Sea water flushing to be extended

Why don’t toilets use seawater?

12. Product Highlight: Eco Egg

TLDL?: Buy the Eco Egg, and save a lot of money, easy.

Show Notes

In this episode I share with you another product which is definitely going to save you some serious money. The Eco Egg.

For me, as a single guy I used to spend roughly $60USD (£48) a year on washing powder that came in a non-recycable box. With the Eco Egg purchase, I’ve just spent $32USD (£25), but get this, the amount I purchased lasts for 3 YEARS! So that’s under $11USD a year!

I went from an estimated $195-$260USD over three years, to just $32. Can you save more if you have a family? I’m sure you could, easily. Then think of the amount of less waste you’re not making.

The Eco Egg is a clever and simpler way to save money, save time and save on waste clearly.

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11. $aving On: The Humble Kitchen Sponge

TLDL?: Stop buying sponges, buy something more durable like cleaning cloths.

Show Notes

I was spending $20 USD a year roughly on cleaning sponges, I also didn’t like throwing them away. I looked for an alternative, at the moment its the microfibre cleaning cloth to clean my dishes and kitchen worktops with.

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Coconut cleaning cloths

Are Microfibre Towels Really Better For the Environment?

Eco alternatives for inspiration

Zerowaste is on Twitter.

8. It All Adds Up #2

TLDL?: I want to reduce the plastic I use from just eating yogurt. It isn’t that easy.


No solution to share, just a quick discussion of a conundrum that I have with my well meaning intentions vs my wallet. Something hopefully everyone can relate to if you’re interested in going zero waste.




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