2. $aving On: Household Electricity

NOTE: $O = Saving Money.

TLDL?: You’re paying for electricity even if you turn things off. I didn’t even know this. Want to save some of your hard earned money? Then unplug everything you don’t need. except the necessary power switches you can set up to alleviate the inconvenience of having to turn everything on/off repeatedly.

In the process you’ll be saving money on your utility bill with a bit of planning. It can range from 5% to above 10% depending on your house hold set up.


  1. Unplug everything you’re not using (at the moment, I only have a fridge, wifi [only during the day] and a kitchen power strip attached to the mains).

  2. Charge your devices during the day and not over night to save electricity.

  3. Utilise power switches to make turning on and turning everything off easier.

  4. (OPTIONAL) Purchase an Electricity Usage Monitor to get the wattage with your devices when on standby or “turned off”.

How Much Am I Projected to Save So Far?

At a minimum, with these ideas - $48 a year with my set up.









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