9 - Product Highlight: Nozzle

TLDL?: Buy this product and save a lot of money on your water bill.

Show Notes:

In this episode I sit down and explain a fantastic product which could potentially save you a stupid ton of money off your water bill. It is a simple water attachment to your tap (or faucet) and reduces the water flow by 98%. That reads as extreme, but Altered Company, the company that makes it says so themselves.

Having used the Nozzle for the past few months I thought I’d share my successes with the product and then go into some of the major criticisms levelled at it by reading the Amazon reviews and temper your expectations before purchasing it because of its ‘extremeness’.

For example plenty of complaints are directed at the Nozzle’s ability to ‘leak’ or ‘takes longer to wash one’s hands. In share how it can take some adjustment (plus not everyone is a plumber) and basically patience is a virtue, even though it doesn’t take me longer to wash my hands or face. The subjectivity and consideration of your own habits need exploring and this is what this podcast tries to do.

The Nozzle will change habits and while there can come with it a period of discomfort, I argue there is worse discomfort down the road if we don’t do something about our consumption habits today.

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